My Specialties


Conditions & Specialization

  • Children/young adults aged 3-21
  • Teens and young adults with significant trauma and attachment wounds/disorders
  • Family therapy
  • Ketamine assisted psychotherapy

Child, Teen, and Family Therapy

Adolescence can bring many changes to the brain, body, and emotions. Through these changes, relationships with peers and family members may be hard to navigate. At such a critical time of self discovery, these challenges may feel overwhelming.

As parents you may be feeling the strain on your family dynamics and unsure where to turn to next. Through any trauma, wounded attachment, or identity crossroad you and/or your family may be facing, we can work together to transform your personal and family dynamics.

In-home services

Some adolescents and their families may find it difficult and uncomfortable to engage therapy in an office setting. This may lead to minimal relief and insight.

At Jewel Mindset Counseling, in-home services are offered to engage in therapy in real-life settings. In-home services allow for the adolescent and their family to engage in activities they prefer which leads to stronger parent-child relationships.

Through in-home services you may rebuild mutual trust, improved ways to work together, and decreased conflict.
You deserve to feel worthy, confident, and secured.
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